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UK Black Business Show 2023 – Launch Party Takeover: Celebrating Excellence and Creativity

The heart of London played host to an amazing event as the Blocks2Bags team took the reins of the UK Black Business Show 2023 Launch Party, sponsored by Burberry. Held at a prestigious central London venue on October 2nd, 2023, this dynamic gathering marked the commencement of an exciting week dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black business owners and professionals.

What Is UK Black Business Week?

The UK Black Business Week is unparalleled in its scale and scope. It stands as the most significant business show of its kind in the UK and Europe, offering a dedicated space for Black entrepreneurs and professionals to thrive. Founded by the visionary serial entrepreneur Raphael Sofoluke, it represents the first and only week in the UK exclusively devoted to Black entrepreneurship and professional excellence.

The annual conference and exhibition are carefully timed during October to coincide with Black History Month, adding an extra layer of significance to the event. The UK Black Business Week shines a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and contributions of Black businesses to the nation's economy. Attendees have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and advice on entrepreneurship and leadership from some of the UK's leading Black business professionals.
Raphael Sofoluke, a serial entrepreneur and international speaker, founded the UK Black Business Show and the UK Black Business Week. His dedication to supporting Black entrepreneurs and professionals earned him recognition as one of Forbes' "25 Leading Black British Business People to Follow" in 2020.


What Went Down at the Launch Party?

The UK Black Business Show 2023 Launch Party began with a bang; they kicked off the evening with a warm welcome and an introduction to the event, setting the stage for what was to come.
Beloved faces from the B2B team, including Mosique, Bejay, Rama, Kayleigh and Seb, took to the stage to engage in insightful interviews with popular figures and small business entrepreneurs. These candid conversations offered a unique window into the worlds of those driving innovation and success in the Black business community.

The event featured key speakers who shared their experiences, expertise, and words of wisdom, inspiring the audience to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The stage came alive with a performance by the supremely talented Terry Walker, whose artistry had the crowd enthralled. We were provided with nibbles and drinks whilst being given the opportunity for networking and socialising, fostering connections that could lead to future collaborations and partnerships.
B2B's behind-the-scenes coverage captured the essence of the event, providing an exclusive look at the preparations and excitement leading up to the launch party.


Who Did B2B Meet?

The launch party played host to some of the UK's most intriguing Black stars, spanning various industries - and we got to speak to them all. 

South London rapper, Cashh, was in attendance. When asked about keeping meaningful relationships in business, he advised to “speak to everyone; naturally, you’ll gravitate to the energies that match yours”. 

The event also welcomed the versatile singer, songwriter, and rapper from North-West London, Donae’O. To support black businesses, he suggests to “look around and come to these places to speak to people like your own […] show someone else that they’re not alone”. 

Kanya King, the visionary founder of the MOBO Awards, was another luminary who graced the occasion, highlighting her unwavering support for Black entrepreneurship and creativity. We asked her to give us young business people her key life lesson. In response, she said, “who you surround yourself with is really important. Have that circle that you can learn from, and then collaborate to accelerate”. 

The list doesn’t stop there; it was truly a night filled with inspiration, networking, and the celebration of Black excellence. 

Watch the Highlights 

The UK Black Business Show 2023 Launch Party was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit within the Black business community. As the week unfolds, attendees will continue to come together, forging connections, and contributing to a future where diversity, ingenuity, and success take centre stage.

For those unable to join in person, the B2B team captured our experience in our latest vlog that brings the event straight to your screens. To catch a glimpse of the interviews with stars and entrepreneurs, be sure to follow our social media channels @blocks2bags.

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