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Taking the Leap of Faith: A Night of Inspiration and Empowerment at the Genesis Cinema Screening

Aaliyah Ahmed

We associate-produced the documentary "LEAP," which celebrated a remarkable evening at Genesis Cinema with a screening that drew in over 500 guests. The event was not just a showcase of the film but a platform for discussions, insights, and networking, making it a night to remember.

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The Creators and Host

Adesola Akerele and Stephanie Okereafor, the masterminds behind "LEAP," were present to share their journey of taking a leap of faith and heading to Los Angeles. The event was gracefully hosted by the talented Courtney Daniella Boateng, who guided the audience through the night's activities.

The Movie

"LEAP" delves into the unfiltered realities of betting on oneself in the 21st century. Adesola and Stephanie, both Black British filmmakers, took a leap of faith to Los Angeles, asking a profound question: "Can one trip change your life?" The documentary intricately weaves their adventure with the stories of industry trailblazers, including Avelino, Joivan Wade, and Hamzaa.

The Night

The night kicked off with the screening of "LEAP," immersing the audience in the raw and inspiring narratives presented by the filmmakers. This was followed by an engaging Q&A session with Adesola and Stephanie, providing insights into their creative journey and the challenges they faced.

The excitement continued with a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring David Larbie, Henri, and Koby Adom. The panellists shared their perspectives on taking a leap of faith, dealing with rejection, and navigating the unknown on one's creative journey.

The atmosphere transitioned seamlessly into a networking session, accompanied by beats from a talented DJ, allowing guests to connect and share their thoughts on the film and the broader theme of taking leaps in life.

The Conversation

Throughout the evening, powerful messages resonated with the audience:

"Taking a leap of faith isn’t a step, but a fall into the unknown. It's about navigating the unknown on your journey."
"Feel the fear and do it anyway. Do it scared."
"In a creative journey, rejection is inevitable. It's just a job—remember this. Creatives attach so much identity to their work."

Adessy and Stephanie opened up about their own experiences, emphasising that faith played a significant role in their journey. They recounted going to LA with only a ticket and no accommodation, relying on prayer to keep them going.

The Genesis Cinema screening of "LEAP" was not just a movie premiere; it was an immersive experience that celebrated the essence of taking risks, facing challenges, and embracing the unknown. Blocks2Bags continues to champion the creative spirit, inspiring individuals to take that daring leap into uncharted territory.


As Blocks2Bags and the creators of "LEAP" move forward, the echoes of the event linger—a testament to the power of storytelling, resilience, and the transformative impact of taking a leap of faith.

The night concluded with a groundbreaking announcement. Blocks2Bags has partnered with "LEAP" to introduce the Leap Prize Fund, offering a £1,000 award to support aspiring creatives. The initiative encourages individuals with brilliant ideas to take a leap of faith and elevate their careers. Applications open on February 2nd, and more information can be found HERE.


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