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How To Make Your First 100K: The Ultimate Guide

Bejay Mulenga & Aaliyah Ahmed

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey towards your first 100k can be daunting. Drawing inspiration from from our Roundhouse event last year, we wanted to give you some of our top tips when it came to our journey starting out. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Our FREE downloadable guide sharing all of our top tips, book and video recommendations, resources, and worksheets for you to access and secure the bag! 🏆

  2. An exclusive link to the unreleased audio of our How To Make 100K live show we gave last year at The Roundhouse. 🎧

  3. A quick read sharing all the key highlights of our journey and gems for success. 💎

How To Make 100K Cheatsheet

Ready to turn your financial dreams into reality? Uncover the path to your first 100k with our exclusive guide, packed with top-notch advice, actionable strategies, and invaluable resources to set you on the fast track to success.

What's Inside: 

📝 Top Advice: Benefit from our team's wealth of experience as we share proven strategies, insider tips, and practical advice to guide you through the journey of making your first £100k. We've distilled the essentials to accelerate your success.\

📊 Printable Worksheets: Reinforce your learning with printable worksheets designed to help you set clear goals, track your progress, and implement key strategies. Transform knowledge into action with our hands-on tools.

📚 Recommended Books: Fuel your financial education with our carefully curated list of must-read books. Dive into resources that have inspired and guided successful individuals on their wealth-building journey. 

🎥 Video Resources: Enhance your understanding through handpicked video content that complements the guide. Visualise concepts, gain additional insights, and stay motivated as you work towards your financial goals. 

🌐 Additional Resources: Access a treasure trove of supplementary resources, including articles, podcasts, and online communities. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and broaden your network within the realm of financial success. 

Click below to download the guide.

The Roundhouse: How To Make Your First 100K Audio

Here is exclusive access to the unreleased footage from the B2B live show at The Roundhouse. Listen for top insights into starting out a successful career.

How To Make Your First 100K: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey

Key Gems from Bejay and Seb

The Early Hustle:

Creating Opportunities:

Bejay, one of our co-founder's journey started in East London, where he learned the ropes of entrepreneurship by creating businesses, scouting talent, and helping others propel their careers. From the school's first shop selling sweets to training 5,000 kids by the age of 18, he quickly realised that success is a team effort.

Embracing Curiosity and Failure:

One of the most crucial aspects of Bejay's journey was staying curious and not being afraid to experiment, even if it meant facing failure. He spent six months on a clothing line that never took off, but that setback taught me the importance of resilience and bouncing back stronger.

Getting Things Going:

Taking Time To Build:

A breakthrough came with Supa Academy, transforming Bejay's tuck shop beginnings into a pop-up shop environment. Partnering with giants like River Island, Barclays, and Accenture didn’t happen overnight. The first few months were tough, with no revenue, but it laid the foundation for a successful venture.

Looking For Sponsorships:

Approaching big corporations for sponsorships requires a strategic mindset. Research is key — understand the brand's values and how your venture aligns with them. Brands look for more than just exposure; they seek partnerships that add value to their image. For Bejay, talking to banks opened doors, especially since they were eager to engage with a younger audience.

The Power of Research:

Many first-time entrepreneurs falter because they lack the language of the executive. It took around six months of intense learning to crack a significant partnership. Research is not just about your idea; it's about understanding your potential partner and speaking their language.

Mentorship and Motivation:

Staying Motivated:

As an entrepreneur, the journey can be lonely, but music has been Bejay's lifeblood. We curate playlists for different moods, helping the team stay motivated and disciplined, especially during tough times.

The Entrepreneur-Creator Connection:

Entrepreneurs and creators are becoming more interconnected. In our journey, having a diverse team with YouTubers, internal creators, and tech experts set us apart. Your uniqueness is your strength.

The Sponsorship Challenge:

The sponsorship bag is not easy to maintain. Brands want more than just association; they want collaboration. Staying in the room means constantly levelling up your services.

Strategic Partnerships:

Leveraging strategic partnerships is crucial. Understand the value you bring and ensure it's a two-way street. Helping yourself and your partners is the key to a successful and sustainable relationship.

Knowing When to Change:

Businesses need to innovate continually, even when things are working. Knowing when to pivot and change focus is a skill every entrepreneur should master.


So, there you have it — how to get started on monetising your business! Remember, success is a team effort, failure is a stepping stone, and staying true to your uniqueness can open doors you never thought possible. Keep hustling, stay curious, and never shy away from the challenges — because that's where the real growth happens. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

Like this advice? Make sure to download the FREE guide sharing all of our top tips, book and video recommendations, resources, and worksheets for you to access and secure the bag!


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