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Crafting the Art of Event Production: Lessons from Dan Tsu, Founder of Lyrix Organix

Aaliyah Ahmed

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host your own stage at the legendary Glastonbury Festival? Our first conversation with Dan Tsu was so inspiring that we had to bring him back for round two! In the latest episode with Dan, the visionary founder of Lyrix Organix, we delved into the nuances of event production and the secrets to building lasting relationships within the industry. With over a decade of experience, including hosting his own stage at the iconic Glastonbury Festival, Dan shared invaluable insights that every budding event producer and entrepreneur can take something away from.


1. Commit to Excellence: Dan Tsu's journey to hosting a Glastonbury stage highlights the importance of an unwavering commitment to excellence as the foundation for success.

2. Curate Unique Experiences: The creation of Rum Shack underscores the power of curating diverse and immersive music experiences, to leave a lasting impact on festival-goers.

3. Build a Lasting Brand: Dan advises aspiring event producers to focus on building a brand, emphasising that international organisations evaluate the potential to draw audiences, making traction and community support crucial.

4. Legacy Beyond the Event: Dan emphasises the significance of pre- and post-event strategies, urging event producers to implement a robust media strategy, including captivating photos, to ensure a lasting legacy.

5. Prioritise Authenticity: Transitioning from first events to ongoing success requires an organic approach, with Dan highlighting the importance of authenticity over overproduction, urging entrepreneurs to focus on genuine connections and allow their brand to evolve naturally.

Excellence as the Foundation: Securing a Stage at Glastonbury

Rum Shack, a 1,000-person venue at Glastonbury co-founded by Dan, stands as a testament to the power of curating a diverse music experience. Rooted in sound system culture, the venue embraces everything from reggae to dancehall, providing a unique and immersive experience for festival-goers.

Dan's journey to hosting a stage at Glastonbury began with an unwavering commitment to excellence. He emphasised the pivotal role of key working relationships, drawing on his collaboration with Steve Bedlam on an event at Roundhouse that initiated the Glastonbury opportunities. Dan highlighted the significance of ongoing conversations, underscoring the unpredictable nature of when these connections might come into fruition.

Building and Sustaining Relationships with Organisations

Dan advises aspiring event producers to concentrate on building a brand rather than relying solely on individual status. International organisations evaluate the potential to draw audiences. Hence, building traction and community support becomes crucial. There is great importance in building authentic connections and the ongoing process of community building.

Beyond the Event: Crafting a Lasting Legacy

While the event itself is undeniably important, Dan stresses the significance of pre- and post-event strategies for a lasting legacy. He emphasises the need for a robust media strategy, including captivating photos, to preserve the essence of the event and maintain audience engagement long after the curtains fall. 

Transitioning from First Events to Ongoing Success

For those stepping into the realm of event production, Dan encourages an organic approach. Authenticity takes precedence over overproduction and overselling. Instead, focus on genuine connections and allow your brand to evolve naturally. According to Dan, activating people and taking them on the journey with you is crucial – creating unexpected, magical moments that leave a lasting impression.

Dan Tsu's remarkable journey in event production, from hosting a Glastonbury stage through co-founding Rum Shack and collaborating with international organisations, offers profound lessons for entrepreneurs in the field. His insights, grounded in authenticity, community building, and ongoing relationships, provide a valuable roadmap for those seeking to make their mark in the dynamic world of event production.


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