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AWUJO: A Night of Vibes, Connections, and Impactful Change

Written by Aaliyah Ahmed

As the year draws to a close, we collaborated with The Yard Club to host the flagship event of the season — Awujo — at the stunning Battersea Art’otel. More than just a gathering, Awujo, a Yoruba word meaning 'community' or 'social gathering,' was a celebration of culture, diversity, and community that left an indelible mark on the attendees. 📸 VIEW ALL AWUJO PHOTOS

Community at the Heart of Blocks2Bags

This event was a feast for the senses. The development of Blocks2Bags this year was with community being at its core. Awujo was a testament of this dedication, a way of bringing people together to let loose, make meaningful connections, and simply vibe.

The Power of Holding Space

Recognising the potency of owning spaces, Awujo provided a platform for conversation, connections, and the creation of new futures within a community. It was a space for interesting individuals engaged in various pursuits, all with a shared commitment to shifting the cultural landscape.

Curated Networking and Immaculate Vibes

To facilitate connections, conversation starter cards were created, ensuring that attendees could engage in meaningful dialogue. The night concluded with a fantastic DJ set, curating vibes that perfectly complemented the atmosphere.

Curating connections is a priority, and Awujo took it a step further by assigning specific colors to event wristbands. This intentional approach allowed attendees to mingle within their respective sectors or explore new ones, fostering a dynamic networking experience.

Attendees had a station where they could write a letter to themselves in the future, which we will be posting to their addresses one year from now, as well as an opportunity to take part in a raffle to win luxurious prizes at Art’otel.

Giving Back

As the event aligns with the giving season, Awujo incorporated various give-back components. Attendees brought with them a selection of non-perishable food items which we will be giving to Wandsworth Food Bank, and all raffle donations were donated to said charity. 📸 VIEW ALL AWUJO PHOTOS

Expansion for Impact

Awujo's success has paved the way for expansion. We have potential to increase the number of attendees, where we can welcome more inspiring individuals and create an even more diverse gathering. The emphasis is on curating space for industry professionals, founders, and creatives, ensuring a richness of thought and perspective.

Collaborations and Conversations

Awujo was more than just a gathering; it was a dynamic intersection of culture, creativity, and community. As we look forward, Awujo paves the way for more impactful gatherings, vibrant connections, and collaborative conversations that transcend boundaries. 

Here’s what our founders at B2B thought: 

Bejay: “Awujo - what a time, what a connection, what a vibe! It was an absolute pleasure to come together with the team at B2B, The Yard Club and Art'otel for a moment to give back. We managed to donate loads of food to the Wandsworth food bank which was wonderful to be involved with, following the food bank work I did during the pandemic, and continue to do behind the scenes. Highlights of the evening included seeing old and new friends, all the conversations I have had with guests have been so inspiring and we are excited to connect people in new ways in 2024.We will be having more Awujos and Block Brunches across the world, looking to connect people in 2024. If you would like to come please make sure you sign up to our newsletter."
Sebuh: “Community and collaboration is truly at the heart of everything we do at B2B and we are proud to have partnered with The Yard Club and Art Otel to deliver Awujo - an elevated networking experience bringing together Europe’s top culture makers, operators, creators under one roof. Awujo, a Yoruba word meaning 'community' or 'social gathering' — not only connected our communities, but it also raised money and food donations for charity during the holiday season. We look forward to delivering on our promise to collaborate with the best partners and deliver amazing experiences for the community in 2024."


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